Which Manuka Honey For Acid Reflux

Manuka honey is used most commonly for acid reflux, heartburn, stomach ulcers, gastritis, and acne treatment. Whether or not manuka honey is a cure for acid reflux is disputed but that it offers many people considerable relief is a fact.

Which manuka honey should you use for acid reflux relief? Experts such as prof. Molan (discoverer of the unique properties of this type of honey) recommend to use a honey with a rating strength between 12+ and 18+ to 20+.

There’s also difference between brands. Not all brands have their products tested by certified laboratory. When customers want to be certain about the potency of the honey they buy they should go for brands such as Watson & Son , Comvita or brands with the MGO certification.

Manuka Honey For Acid Reflux

Manuka honey soothes in case of acid reflux and heartburn and may prevent (further) damage to the esophageal sphincter muscles. (the muscle that normally prevents stomach acids from refluxing)

How does it do this? Well, manuka honey kills various types of harmful bacteria. One of them is the Helicobacer pylori bacterium, which is the most common cause of stomach acid overproduction and a common cause for peptic ulcers.

According to the world renowned Waikato Honey Research Unit manuka honey is “much more effective than other honey against Helicobacter pylori.”

In addition, manuka honey has a very powerful anti-inflammatory action. This alone may offer relief since refluxing stomach acids may cause inflammation of the stomach’s mucous lining. Regular use of manuka honey may prevent damage of this tissue. Once damaged, the muscle will function less well with more acid reflux as a result.

Yet another benefit of using manuka honey for acid reflux is that it has no side effects while common acid reflux medicines do.

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  1. I had a gallbladder sugerry when i was 19 and since then eating its been difficult almost everything gives me fire in my stomach and now i feel like is getting into my arms and kidneys, and even my shest where your heart is hurts too much but I don’t drink alcohol or smoke nothing but because my gallbladdder is missing I get worst. All i have left is just to trust god to help me with this because i dont even have money to see a doctor so good luck to every one with this condition.

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