Water Warts Treatment with Manuka Honey

Water warts (Molluscum contagiosum) are a infectious but benign skin ailment. The warts or jelly like spots, described by Wikipedia as flesh-colored, dome-shaped and pearly lesions, are especially common under children below the age of five. Also people with reduced immunity and risky sexual behavior (e.g. HIV positive people) have an increased risk for this viral infection. An individual water wart disappears spontaneously without leaving scars within 2 months. But because there are multiple warts in different stages of healing, the total duration can be up to 6 months or even several years.

A concerned mother of two found out about manuka honey’s healing properties when she used it to treat her son’s facial water warts. After trying several other remedies without success the manuka honey treatment resulted in a complete disappearing of the water warts within two weeks. Read more about this testimonial on TimesOnline.

Want to use manuka honey for the treatment of skin ailments? The recommended manuka honey rating (antibacterial strength) for such treatments is between 10 and 20. Make sure to buy honey with the Molan Gold Standard or UMF trademark. Visit the following link to read more, comprehensive information in case you want to buy active manuka honey.

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