Manuka Honey for Scars, Does It Make Sense?

Yes it does because manuka honey and some derivative products such as Medihoney dressings can really decrease the chance on scar tissue creation. But for this to happen, application during the wound phase is required.

Whether or not manuka honey works on existing scars remains to be seen. At the moment there are no clinical trials or other studies indicating this special type of honey from New Zealand is able to fade scars when applied topically.

Manuka Honey Boosts Wound Healing
Manuka honey improves wound healing. It promotes new skin growth, fights off and cures the most persistent infections, has an anti-inflammatory action, provides a moist healing barrier(more info on keeping wounds moist or dry), stimulates the growth of new blood capillaries, white blood cells and supplies nutrients that boost the regeneration of new skin.

In short, it makes wounds heal faster with less complications and less crusting. This alone is a major factor when it comes to diminishing scar tissue. Scars consist of fibrous connective tissue created after injury. Inflammation, delay in wound healing, and crusting are directly related to the creation of excessive scar tissue.

Manuka Honey as Viable Scar Treatment?
Some experts such as manuka honey researchers and renowned dermatologists think that manuka honey may also improves scars themselves. As mentioned before there is no clinical evidence supporting this claim.

Its acidity may be helpful. Acids such as glycolic acid have shown to soften scar tissue but this is just me theorizing. There’s no scientific data available.

So we can only conclude it might work. But considering this honey’s extraordinary traits and the fact that its use has no side effects I would say, why not give it a try? At least your chances are better than when using one of the many scar creams that don’t work for sure.

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