Manuka Honey Cures Bladder Infection

A reoccurring bladder infection in a 5 year old was cured by manuka honey. Yesterday a visitor on my Squidoo lens on medical uses of manuka honey informed me about this positive development.

She wrote:

Manuka honey has been the only thing in 3 years to stop my 5 year old daughters reoccurring bladder infections. She now has a teaspoon a day and has not had one since. It has changed our lives!

Thanks for sharing Angela!

A bladder infection is also commonly referred to as; cystitis, urinary tract infection, or inflammation of the bladder. The condition is caused by bacteria (mainly various strains of E. coli) transported trough the urethra into the bladder where they cause the typical symptoms.

Bladder infections can be painful and are known to reoccur. When not treated properly it may lead to a kidney infection which, on its turn, may cause much more severe permanent kidney damage. So especially when reoccurring, treatment is strongly advised.

Generally, antibiotics are prescribed to cure this infection but this treatment has several downsides. Antibiotics resistance looms as a result of prolonged use. Antibiotics are also detrimental to the intestinal flora.

Therefore it is such a good thing manuka honey exists. For prevention, and as an (additional) treatment (it will make a wonderful addition to antibiotics treatment because it helps restore the balance in the stomach).

Manuka honey is known to be inordinately effective in fighting off bacteria while keeping harmless and useful bacteria unharmed. Moreover, and unlike other honey, it can be diluted while still maintaining its antibacterial activity. This is important because the honey will dilute when eaten or drunken once it makes its journey through from the mouth trough the bladder.

Other, commonly used, natural ways to reduce recurrence are taking in lots of fluids, especially cranberry juice and water with honey and salt, apple cider vinegar, and honey with cinnamon.

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