Manuka Honey Benefits For Stomach

Manuka honey has several benefits for stomach ailments. In fact several of these benefits are proven by scientific reports.

People use this healing honey for various stomach-related purposes.

  • stomach flu (gastroenteritis)
  • stomach ulcers
  • acid reflux

Stomach Flu

One clinical trial researched the effects of honey (instead of glucose) added to a re-hydration fluid (solution of electrolytes) given to children hospitalized with gastroenteritis.

It showed a statistically significant reduction in the duration of diarrhea caused by bacterial infection (58 hours cf 93 hours). Haffejee and Moosa (1985)
source: Waikato Honey Unit

Stomach Ulcers

Many sufferers from stomach ulcers are infected with the helicobacter pylori bacterium. Research indicates that taking four teaspoons of manuka honey, four times a day on an empty stomach for eight weeks appears to get rid of the infection.

According to a Daily Mirror article:

Helicobacter pylori triggers acid indigestion. Although it doesn’t cause symptoms in everyone, virtually all patients with duodenal ulcers are infected. Plus three quarters of those with gastric ulcers. [..]

Acid Reflux

These were the results of a poll among users of this honey: (more than 80% of the respondents noticed relief upon taking manuka honey)

Did you benefit from using manuka honey for your acid reflux?

Yes, it reduced the symptoms
Yes, my acid reflux has disappeared!
I’m not sure
Too bad, It did not work.

You can find links to research reports on the benefits of manuka honey on the website of the Waikato University, section Honey Research Unit.

Where do you use manuka honey for?

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