We all know that from the millions of informative pages and websites on the web only a relative small part is actually worth visiting. It’s a fact that most just sell crap. Marketing pitches, old wives tales, manuka kumbaya, and other nonsense.

It’s actually the same with manuka honey itself. Many so called active manuka honey’s sold on the consumer market do not have the much applauded health benefits we customers would expect for the price we pay. But even if you managed to obtain a valid, tested for its antibacterial and other properties, jar of this unique honey from New Zealand, what will it do for you? What really are its benefits? That’s what I want to address on this website.

I can be short about the scientific evidence on the health benefits of manuka honey and oil. Manuka honey has shown in clinical trials to cure topical lesions such as infected wounds, ulcers, and some other conditions. Laboratory studies have shown manuka honey is effective against a wide range of very resistant bacteria and has been able to cure previously untreatable wounds. And it has a lot of potential to do more. But this has not been proven yet. Or only in laboratory tests but not in human test persons.

This was the short version on the benefits of manuka honey and oil. Check out the articles to learn more about the distinction between clinically proven benefits and benefits which are reported (anecdotal) or for which no scientific evidence exists. Since the research on manuka honey’s properties is lively and ongoing regular updates will be posted here.

Here’s a final thought to express my point of view. Some skeptics state that alternative medicine does not exist. As soon as a new remedy has been proven to work it will be incorporated in traditional medicine. To some extent I do relate to this point of view. However, on some alternative remedies there hasn’t been done sufficient research yet. Or research hasn’t been conducted at all. This does not necessarily mean that the product doesn’t have certain pharmaceutical benefits. Moreover, there are plenty examples of the pharmaceutical industry sabotaging, and taking counteractive measures against, ‘alternative’ remedy endeavors. Just because of protecting their huge financial interests.

In my opinion manuka honey is such a promising, potential product that hasn’t been fully researched yet. In other words, I do believe manuka honey (and oil) have more benefits than the ones proven at the moment. But believing is not knowing and I prefer to know. That’s why I started this website.

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